Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in evolutionary biology and systematics


"Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in evolutionary biology and systematics"

Editors: Anahí Espíndola and Luca Pozzi

Drs. Luca Pozzi and Anahí Espíndola from the SSB DEI committee are inviting submissions (original research, reviews, case studies, methodological papers) to a special collection on the topic of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in evolutionary biology and systematics.

To be included in this collection, publications should focus on historical and/or recent trends or work in the field of DEI as it relates to evolution and systematics, including but not limited to:

  • Research ethics and colonialism in the evolutionary sciences and systematics (e.g., impacts of historical and current colonial practices in systematics, considerations of DEI in research, funding and reporting),
  • Field-based, departmental, publishing, and/or societal cultures (e.g., DEI-related actions taken by societies and their effect on membership),
  • Inclusive and anti-racist teaching/learning of evolution and systematics (e.g., anti-racist methods or tools for the classroom, decolonization of curricula),
  • Biographical profiles of diverse systematists from around the world who have contributed to the field yet may be unknown to the SSB community due to their national origins or identities,
  • Best practices for inclusion and equity of different identities and their intersections in academia (e.g., considerations for internships, admissions, faculty searches, awards, fellowships, funding, promotion, field work).

Submissions open

Dr. Anahí Espíndola (anahiesp [at] umd [dot] edu)
Dr. Luca Pozzi (luca [dot] pozzi [at] utsa [dot] edu)