About the Journal

The Bulletin of the Society of Systematic Biologists publishes manuscripts that advance our understanding of the Earth's biodiversity, with a special focus on investigations that describe how species are related (i.e., phylogeny), identified (i.e., species delimitation or taxonomic practice), or have evolved (e.g., phylogeography, biogeography, or phylogenetic comparative methods). BSSB also publishes manuscripts that advance the theory or methods used in data analysis. Manuscripts will be evaluated on two criteria: the quality of the science and their contribution to our collective understanding of the focal species or clade. BSSB aims to publish investigations that utilize state of the art data analyses and high-quality data sets to achieve these goals.


This journal is a publication of the Society of Systematic Biologists. The Bulletin does not charge for pages or article processing fees. Since publication in BSSB is a benefit of membership in the Society of Systematic Biologists, we require that the first and senior authors of each manuscript are members of the Society of Systematic Biologists. We ask that all authors supply proof of active membership in the Society of Systematic Biologists upon manuscript acceptance. Membership information for the society is available here: https://www.systbio.org/membership.html