Species Delimitation Special Collection


Title: “Species delimitation in the 21st century”

Editors: Andrea Quattrini & Bryan Carstens

Drs. Andrea Quattrini and Bryan Carstens are inviting contributions to a special collection on species delimitation. This special collection will include papers focused on delimiting species using discovery and/or validation approaches in any taxonomic group, or exploration of the methodology used in such studies. Submissions will ideally be received by the end of April 2022 for publication in the December 2022 issue of the Bulletin.

Topics will include:

  • Use of data from morphology, genomics, and the environment in integrative analyses that are intended to delimit species.
  • Exploration of the methodology used for species delimitation, including the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches.
  • Conceptual manuscripts that consider best practices, useful strategies, and historical traditions in the field.

Submissions are currently open.


Dr. Andrea Quattrini  (quattrinia [at] si [dot] edu)